Helpful Information About Eligibility And Calculation Of Carers Allowance

Helpful Information About Eligibility And Calculation Of Carers Allowance

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Carers allowance is given to people spending minimum 35 hours in a week providing care to aged, ill, or disabled individuals.

Eligibility of carer’s allowance

  • Live with the person needed full-time attention and care but does not live in some institution.
  • If the person is under some medical treatment in an institution or hospital for not more than 13 weeks.
  • A permanent US citizen
  • Be 18 years and more
  • No need to be related to the person you take care of

The person you take care of needs to be –

  • More than 16 years of age and totally incapacitated
  • Incapacitated person under 16 years of age get Domiciliary care allowance
  • Debilitated person is the one that needs constant supervision and frequent assistance
  • Full-time support is needed for minimum 12 months

How is weekly means of carer’s allowance calculated?

Mean test is conducted to determine your carer’s allowance. In the mean test, your income is assessed. Things that gets disregarded are –

  • A single persons – £332.50 (gross weekly income)
  • A person who is married, cohabitating or in civil partnership – £665 (combined gross weekly income)
  • Getting social welfare compensation from another state below the contributory rate
  • Getting maintenance or any kind of payments – first £332.50 or £665

Other deductions are –

  • Union dues
  • PRSI
  • Pension contributions
  • Travel expenses

Investments and savings

Investment items like cash in current & savings account, property or other investments are added and a specific formula is applied to calculate weekly means of your capital.

Carer’s allowance & half rate payment

If you are providing full-time care and getting one or two social welfare payments, then you get to keep the social welfare compensation, but will receive half the carer’s allowance. If you are already getting carer’s allowance and also have the right to claim other monetary benefits, then you are eligible to get only 50% of your carers allowance

If you are a single parent providing full time care to your child, then you are eligible for one-parent family payment as well as half-rate carer’s allowance till your kid turns 16 and you meet pre-requisites of both scheme.

If you are taking care of more than one person, then you are eligible for extra 50% of maximum charges of carer’s allowance every week. In case, you are care sharing, then both can share single carer’s allowance and annual Respite Care Grant.

Tax impact

Carer’s allowance is taxable. You can call Numbers Helpline support team and discuss your concerns at anytime.

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