Effective ways to Increase Trade Show Return on Investment (ROI)

Effective ways to Increase Trade Show Return on Investment (ROI)

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A trade show is a great investment in your company’s future. It’s a crucial event that offers you a unique opportunity to promote your business’s existing and new products, generate leads, improve your brand recognition, and increase sales. Besides, it’s an effective way for you to meet your prospects, create new relationships and strengthen the existing ones.

But how do you get the most out of your trade show investment?


The globally connected digital age presents you a chance to venture online to identify and interact with your audience at a click of a button. But the ‘old-fashioned’ approach of shaking handing, sharing tea, and networking in person is still relevant. ExpoMarketing strongly believes that this is the reason trade shows are powerful marketing arenas. Here are networking tips to help you improve your trade show ROI.

Meet your neighbors: No matter what industry you’re in, you need friends. Go over and introduce yourself to the nearby booths and when your booth visitors are about to leave, send them to your neighbor’s booth. Your neighbor will appreciate the referral and perhaps return the favor.

Be visible: Don’t just sit and wait for your neighbors to come. Walk around and start interesting conversations with some booth owners, hand out your business cards and request to share theirs. Don’t just bombard everyone with promotional stuff. Instead, offer them something valuable and worth listening to.

Ask the right questions: “Where are you from” or “what are you offering?” are the worst questions you can ask. Focus on open-minded questions related to the event.

Become the talk of the trade show and drive more traffic to your booth

Trade shows can offer your brand a massive exposure and a positive spike in your sales if only you can outpace your competitors. In addition to having a thoughtfully-designed booth and LEDs, here are more tips to attract the right attendees and generate reliable leads.

  • In the weeks leading up to the trade show, start engaging with your customers and prospects on Facebook, LinkedIn groups, and other social platforms. Also, continue with these conversations on social networks during and after the show.
  • Start conversations with passers-by and help them understand what’s on offer or tell them something about your brand.
  • Try the hands-on activity approach. Create a crowd to attract a larger crowd. Everyone wants to ‘see’ and ‘touch’ things. For instance, use product demonstrations that can attract crowds.
  • Bring a chill-out zone for your audience. Turn your small section of the trade show area into a haven away from the noise. Provide a few chairs and some freebies, and you will attract people who can listen to you.
  • Send out a press release to the trade press and local publications. Tell everyone that you will be in town.

Sometimes think like a show attendee

The key to getting the biggest bang for your trade show bucks is by understanding what motivates attendees and use it as a guiding force for your trade show marketing efforts. That means you should think like an attendee when designing your booth.

And after the show,

Don’t switch to mode. Be patient because networking in trade shows and the entire business arena isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. But the sooner you start, the higher the chances of winning more races.